The RAF at 100

(stella wood) #1

Listening to Wing Commander Paul Farnes … it was like reaching back in a time-machine… :relaxed:

(Sue Young) #2

Lovely service-love High Flight ,the poem and I vow to Thee my country, the hymn. Wonderful ceremonial. Very emotional as my daughter is a F/Sergeant in the RAF and her husband is a Sergeant in the QCS in the RAF - He planned the RAF 100 display they did on the Buckingham Palace forecourt this morning and escorted the outgoing RAF standard. Very emotional.

(John Withall) #3

Amazing sight from London and the Hawks formation was to spell out 100. I will try to post a poor quality picture.
Nope can’t do it

(carl tunnicliffe) #4

Here you go…and they were Typhoons :wink:

(John Withall) #5

Nice one! sorry got confused and couldn’t see much down the camera lens, brilliant tho wasn’t it.

(carl tunnicliffe) #6

Phenomenal… No doubt about it, we have the finest Air Force in the world - in men and women if not aircraft!

The Tornado has done us proud for 30 years, the Typhoon is looking like it will live up to expectations, but it is a sad state of affairs when we have to buy American to satisfy our need for a carrier-borne deterrent.

(Jane Williamson) #7

We watched this and had the same thought at the same time.
What a wonderful country, pity about the politicians !

(Bill Morgan) #8

:+1: Spot on!