The RAF at 100

Listening to Wing Commander Paul Farnes … it was like reaching back in a time-machine… :relaxed:

Lovely service-love High Flight ,the poem and I vow to Thee my country, the hymn. Wonderful ceremonial. Very emotional as my daughter is a F/Sergeant in the RAF and her husband is a Sergeant in the QCS in the RAF - He planned the RAF 100 display they did on the Buckingham Palace forecourt this morning and escorted the outgoing RAF standard. Very emotional.


Amazing sight from London and the Hawks formation was to spell out 100. I will try to post a poor quality picture.
Nope can’t do it

Here you go…and they were Typhoons :wink:

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Nice one! sorry got confused and couldn’t see much down the camera lens, brilliant tho wasn’t it.

Phenomenal… No doubt about it, we have the finest Air Force in the world - in men and women if not aircraft!

The Tornado has done us proud for 30 years, the Typhoon is looking like it will live up to expectations, but it is a sad state of affairs when we have to buy American to satisfy our need for a carrier-borne deterrent.

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We watched this and had the same thought at the same time.
What a wonderful country, pity about the politicians !

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:+1: Spot on!