The Reluctant Farmer

Hi All - just thought I'd put the attached piece on here for your amusument - it went in today's paperReluctant%20Farmer%20Northern%20Echo.JPG Reluctant%20Farmer%20Northern%20Echo2.JPG Reluctant%20Farmer%20Northern%20Echo3.JPG Reluctant%20Farmer%20Northern%20Echo4.JPG As you can see it's four links.

My life has completely changed in the past few months - from high powered business woman to much much lower powered farming woman lol.... my friends, here in the uk, think this is so funny and although most of you don't really know me - Just thought it might give you a bit of a giggle..


Oh that's hysterical, especially "Make yourself look big" when you have 40 sows charging at you - that's okay if you're a puffer fish!

Everybody join in now: "How much is that doggy in the window, the one with the waggly tail..."

cheers Catharine... just a bit of fun

Love it!