The right name for the job

(David Martin) #1

This brought a smile. He’s almost as well named as the local dentist, Paul Nash, was when I was a teenager.

(Ann Coe) #2

Did you see the images of the fatberg ? Urgh gross :nauseated_face:

When we were kids, before your time, we used to make up names…like Mr Pullit for a dentist. Mr goesunder, for someone who would empty the chamberpot etc; .

Does anyone else remember doing this ? Oh the days of innocence :innocent:

(stella wood) #3

Back in UK, we had “Jones the Post”, “Sam the Fish”, “Jacky the Postie”, “Georgie Painter” and our very own “Flash Harry”… . all so-nick-named due to their work… sounds like Toy Town, but they were real people…

(Mark Robbins) #4

And the plumber was always “leaky …”

(Dan Wood) #5

In the early seventies played the occasional hand of poker in our local Con Club with Bill ‘The Jewell’, Dusty Miller, Benny ‘The Ball’ (affectionately named after a Top cat character because he was short and rather stout) and Dave ‘The Carpet’ -They called me Woodyboy.

(Paul Flinders) #6

Look up “nominative determinism”.

There’s a BBC weather presenter called Sara Blizzard :slight_smile:

More examples (including Sara) here

(Paul Flinders) #7

Many common surnames are derived from professions

  • Smith (obvious)
  • Fletcher - arrow maker
  • Cooper - barrelwright
  • Deacon (obvious)
  • Baker (obvious)
  • Bannister (basket maker)
  • Thatcher (obvious)

There are hundreds.

(David Martin) #8

I’ve also met people who are convinced that their surname influenced their choice of career.

(Paul Flinders) #9

Yes, I’m totally convinced that happens :slight_smile:

Edit: Just realised that could be read as sarcasm - it isn’t - I think David is right :slight_smile:

(Chris Kite) #10

Being a Kite, I’m still waiting for my career to take off…

(stella wood) #11

Aha… I was about to ask if you were Red or Black… then realized you might be a Box… :thinking:

As a child, I loved going kite-flying… and even now, at my great age… the kids love to see me dash about the playground with my arms wide… during a high-wind… I’m just longing to take flight… :hugs:

(Mat Davies) #12

Paul - I dare you to ask the definition of a Thatcher!

(Paul Flinders) #13

One who thatches?

(Mat Davies) #14

I think many would disagree with you!

(Paul Flinders) #15

I’m missing something here, unless we’re talking about Maggie.

(Mat Davies) #16

Absolutely - it is almost as if one person has stolen the word.

(Graham Lees) #17

Frances Crook - The Howard League Penal Reform Group :upside_down_face:

(Nellie Moss ) #18

We have a surgeon called Blades and another called Haq. The doctor who looked after my mum in a hospice was called Dr Payne

(Christopher Wilkinson) #19

A training officer for a former electricity board in the UK was called A Shock.

(Véronique Langlands) #20

The couple with the huge & lovely basket stall at Issigeac market are M et Mme Pannier (with 2 ns but it doesn’t change the sound).