The royal line of fashion "The Meghan Effect"

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Pass me the vomit bowl please…

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The Brexit Broadcasting Corporation still wasting licence payer’s money with royal tosh.

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and you are welcome to that opinion but its making shops some money too, helping the old economy.

You do seem to be taken with this sort of fluff Harry.

The BBC has to be ‘all things to all men’ in it’s reporting/articles and this is no different, there is obvious interest in what Ms Markel wears, perhaps David and Graham should send the BBC a list of subjects that they can/cannot cover.

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yes I am as miss Markle is a fantastic actress.

I find it quite interesting that things like this and the royal baby seem to boost the moral of the country.

I am not a fan of the royals myself but also see the benefits that they bring.

Fashion is of great interest to many… and, of no interest whatsoever to many others… but it has been around, more or less forever…:wink: :relaxed:

Personally, I like to see what is “on the go”, now and again, even if I do not rush out to buy stuff… and a big event will always attract attention, thus helping the manufacturers and retailers etc etc…

If no-one had been interested… the websites would not have been over-loaded… :relaxed::relaxed:

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I don’t waste my money on a licence to watch the BBC nor will I waste a postage stamp on telling them something they won’t take account of…