The Schengen agreement

Whilst most countries on the European Mainland have signed up to the Schengen Agreement ---- Ireland and Britain , decided to opt out --- and therefore have boarder controls.

France and Germany are now thinking of bringing back boarder controls , screening people coming into their countries --- because of the influx of north Africans --- after the spring uprising --- and now with the situation in Syria ----

more especially after the Italians found they could not cope with the amount of refugees arriving by boats from North Africa ---

Eventually after so much pressure being placed upon them and no help from the rest of Europe, the Italians decided to open their boarders and allow these people Carte Blanche to go to Germany and France and --- eventually Britain , if they so wanted.

Should France and Germany now be allowed to change the rules of the Schengen Agreement --- which was originally designed to allow free passage all around Europe for Europeans,

or should they support the further reaches of the boarders of Europe ,as a European Boarder Control?????

Have a look at this -----,

ditto, the Shengen agreement is excellent but there should be a European customs/immigration force to police the outer EU borders properly!

How is the EU failing to control its outermost borders? If those worked as they should then nobody should get in, including EU citizens returning to a Schengen country. They have all messed up big time and are blaming Schengen when illegal entries along coastlines and the EU's land borders are as much to blame. With the UK and Ireland not in Schengen, how are people crossing Europe and still getting in? Somebody should work out what is really happening before trying to stick a piece of chewing gum on a hole the size of a truck to stop the flow.