The SFN Christmas gift Challenge!

I thought it would be really fun to create a list of ten (fairly) simple to make Christmas gifts. These days no one wants to waste resources or money and besides, homemade gifts mean so much more!

So with that in mind, I’m issuing a challenge to all you creative SFN members…

All you have to do is post your gift idea, with step by step instructions and photos, preferably of both the process and the finished item.

We will then collate all the gift ideas onto one page and decide on a winner! We might even give out prizes for second and third place too if Mr. H is feeling suitably Christmassy and generous by then…

So let’s get making things - Blue Peter style!

I know these posts were aimed at Xmas 2011, but here's one for next year!

Vanilla Rum

step one. Buy a bottle of dark rum (better rum = better vanilla rum!)

step two. drop in a good quality vanilla pod

step three, leave for at least three months - or longer if possible

step four. Decorate and label, et voila!!

handy tip - make at least one extra, cos it's so good, you will have to keep one yourself!! ;)

Agree - I have loads on my dresser in the kitchen, and it is the one single thing that everyone comments on when they come to the house

I find that chutney is a great favourite - lots of people lead busy lives, so making a batch of chutney may be a foodie task too far.

I make an annual batch of Delia's Dried Fruit Chutney, and it is wonderful.

Pickled shallots too, for those who can't bear to peel onions and cry

Rich fruit cakes, iced or not are a big favourite, and can be made quite a time in advance

For the truly dedicated, Christmas pudding will be well received to.

Will look for some links for these - tried and tested of course!

Stained Glass Biscuits, heart-shaped meringues, boxes of mince pies, Christmas puds: er, no, wait - I’m doing myself out of work here…:-/

Here’s a link to one to show it better

There are lots of ideas floating about at the moment using perserving jars.

You fill them with all the dry ingredients…sugar, flour, chocolate chips etc. Or Hot chocolate powder and marshmallows. Then make a gift tag with the cooking instructions.