The Space Station is falling to earth, somewhere - UPDATE

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Nothing to worry about, it was made in Hong Kong out of recycled chinese plastic water bottles.


I agree with Mark nothing to worry about there are lots of pieces of “this and that” falling somewhere on earth. Really nothing to worry about.

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We may get to see some wonderful effects as it races through the earth’s atmosphere… :relaxed:

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it cant really be called a space station its tiny. its more or a orbital tube.

credit due though they did do it.

It’s the size of a school bus plus the other bits projecting as well… it should blaze an impressive trail…

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yup still tiny though. i certainly would not want o spend even a few days in such a small space as while its big outside i think its very small inside

The article states that “Tiangong-1 won’t be the biggest spacecraft ever to fall uncontrolled from the sky. In July 1979, for example, NASA’s 85-ton Skylab space station burned up over the Indian Ocean and Western Australia. Some big chunks survived the fall, and the Australian town of Esperance famously sued NASA $400 for littering.” :slight_smile:

Yes, Mary… and there were some wonderful sightings as the debris flamed its way through the atmosphere…

Hoping to see the show, without any actual danger/happening too close to home. :slight_smile:

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Word has it that this has landed in the Charente… but… who knows… :zipper_mouth_face::upside_down_face:

Current re-entry window is 2 Apr, 00:47 UTC (±3 hours) over the south Atlantic.

I hope we get to see a trail-blazing… :relaxed: