The true colours of AVAAZ

I am deeply disappointed. After signing many petitions and urging others to do so, for ‘good causes’ ranging from saving bees to fighting monsanto (same thing really I suppose) from Avaaz, I was shocked when just a couple of days ago they asked me to sign a petition against Brexit. I felt that this was well outside their remit.

just yesterday they ask me to sign something against Trump. I smell a rat.

I had a look on the net and yes, it seems they are part of the NWO and have links with George Soros.

Not only are they a cover organisation - but they now have all our contact details along with our personal interests and campaign sympathies.

The NWO is getting really twitched now. Trump is after them big time and they are pulling out all the stops.

Have a little read of this for some more researched information.

Hi Geoff…

As you say… deeply disappointing… grrrr :angry::angry::angry:

anyway, the link is broken at the moment… but I’ll try it later. :upside_down_face:

Tin foil hat for chemtrails Geoff again.

problem is David, the hat won’t provide enough protection.

Anyone can sign up to put a petition on Avaaz and I suspect that the Brexiteers have done just that.
It does not make sense to me that Avaaz are going after Trump in another jurisdiction from the USA and then to say that they are climate naysayers.
I have contributed to the campaign to bring Trump to justice, but I did not sign the petition against Brexit, or Monsanto.
I am pleased that the case against Monsanto to divulge the name and e-mail address of anyone who has spoken on Avaaz about them was thrown out, but at the moment it does appear that the case against Monsanto in the States was brought by a man who used more than the recommended dose and was not provided with protective clothing by his employers.
There are no joint claims being brought by farmers as there were against the poison they had to use for sheep dipping.
I think this guy was after the money.