The Trump link..certainly keeps things hopping

(stella wood) #1

(Timothy Cole) #2

The guy can’t catch a break at the moment no matter what he does.

(Bill Morgan) #3

Does it deserve one? I think, not :unamused:

(Timothy Cole) #4

I just wish people would leave him alone, he’s trying his best.

(Bill Morgan) #5


(stella wood) #6

He’s trying … very true…

(David Martin) #7

He’s put himself in that position Tim, he certainly doesn’t need you to watch his back.

(Timothy Cole) #8

He does on here.:grinning:

Seriously though what has surprised me is that in the US opposition to him politically seems fairly weak when you’d expect that the Democrats would be galvanised into action and see 2020 as a great chance to get to take the presidency and both houses. Maybe this year’s mid term elections will give an indication of how things will go in two years time.

(Jane Williamson) #9

It should have raised a warning light when he refused to reveal his tax returns.
He had to settle lawsuits pertaining to his so called Diploma for studies in real estate to enable him to even be able to run for President.
Enough said.