The weather!

Off the web… made in china I know see… anyway, they do the business… I can now read properly in both rooms where these lamps reside :wink:

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Absolutely beautiful here today. Warm enough to sit out for a while.

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Cold white 6000 kelvin (temperature)

Absolutely! They, or ones like them, made an enormous difference to 2 friends of mine who had macular degeneration and I can certainly read a lot better in that sort of light.

We have led strips on the underside of the kitchen units and on the back of the headboard and change the colour depending on day or night through an app on the phone.

Ha ha… I’ve not got macular degeneration… just very low-lights on the walls… and when I sit by the chimney in the middle of the room… I’m too far from them to read comfortably.

The new freestanding lamp is placed nearer to me and throws the light up and off the ceiling… and down onto my book… :wink:


I used to have a toy replica of one of those, it was brilliant. :joy:

Generally 3000K is my preference, although for my study I got some 5000-6000K LEDs for a midday feel. Very often though 6000K is way too cold and creates an unpleasant experience.

If someone has cataracts does that make a difference?

Yes - any vision difficulties are generally a wee bit better with light closer to daylight spectrum. If you can see to read better outside than inside it’s an indication. It’s one of the many reasons I prefer bulbs nearer to that end of things.

If/when we get some lighter days outdoors… I’ll have to check my reading ability… :wink:

In the early stages, not much. But the more they develop, the more light will be needed to read easily.

Which requires a higher CRI lamp as previously explained.

Also, as previously explained, the 4000k and 6000k bulbs produce a less yellow light and this makes a huge difference to a great many people in reading, whether they are suffering from macular degeneration or any other age-related vision failure.

I have these in many places in the house and can assure you that the difference in my vision is very significant.

Rain/showery stuff seems to lie in wait for every time I try to go outdoors… aaaargh.
Brilliant sunshine out of one window… and black as Newgate’s… out of the other… :frowning:

Ah well, soup is simmering … hurrah. :+1:

Gendarmes are warning folk to slow down their driving, just a little, due to wet/slippery leaves etc…
Take care, everyone… and keep cosy.

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A brief barometer update…my lovely old barometer finally gave up the ghost during (but almost certainly not caused by) Storm Ciaran. Sadly it seemed to be beyond economic repair… Yesterday its successor arrived, courtesy of Le Bon Coin, to take over weather reporting duties here in Normandy.

We wanted an antique barometer that you could see its inner workings, had some attractive wording on the face, and wasn’t too big. This one seems to fit the bill…and works!