The weather!

Should be OK. In 21 years I’ve only had 3 real washout days - one in the Caribbean and 2 in the UK.

Mostly it’s showers rather than wet all day, if it rains. Especially in SE England.

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Exactly - not everywhere will warm, in fact if the gulf stream stops bringing warm water to northern Europe the weather will be much more like similar latitudes in the USA, remembering that New York is at the same latitude as Madrid and NY is about 10°C cooler in the winter - in fact even NY is mild compared with areas not far to the west.

Cracking weather today for mtb ride - big blue sky with a light breeze- and what amazes me is how quickly everywhere becomes so dry after rain here - certainly not complaining!


It was supposed to be wet and cold all day, but actually it’s been really pleasant with warm sunshine, temps around 18 degrees and blue skies. We went shoe shopping in Banbury this afternoon, then sat by the canal eating ice-cream.

It’s started raining in the last 10mins. I could tell it was going to start because the mobile data signal dropped away to nothing. :roll_eyes:

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If you’ve ever been to Northern Maine in the winter you’ll know just how cold it gets compared to Bordeaux at the same latitude.

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I’ve decided I really don’t like summer. :angry:

I’m being bitten daily round my ankles by midges/mosquitoes. I have a bite on my hand that has gone septic and swollen. When I’m sitting at my computer or preparing supper I’m being buzzed by flies.

Bertie (our mutt) has been in a hood for the last week because he got a seed head in his left paw. I’ve just taken off his hood and he’s now licking the right paw. :roll_eyes:

Roll on October!

Charlie (our mutt) has an appointment this afternoon at the vet for - we think - something similar.

Good luck - antibiotics / anti-inflammatories. Paw dipped in a diluted chlorine bath twice a day and a hood.

We’ve got a fancy “soft” hood fixed by velcro which we were “given” when he had his cruciate ligament op last year - much, much better than the old hard clear plastic ones.

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Will look out for the fancy type. Charlie has had a few visits to the vet over the years, so has had to wear the cone of shame on more than one occassion :smiley:

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Indeed, October :grin: Currently baking here and regretting not doing all those jobs outside when it was cooler :grin:


We put up my resin shed today, it was like a sauna inside as it was 32°C outside. Went together and up in a couple of hours and it was made in the UK as well! As much as we kept drinking, it poured off us both in a few minutes.

Don’t know why I’m still shocked at how hot it gets here, but guess I’ll get used to it eventually :grin: not sure I’d have been up for erecting a shed today :scream: but well done :+1:

Not had the pleasure, have been to New York in Feb which was chilly enough.

Been to Minnehopeless in December : -20 Celsius then.

-37 in Russia was a bit nippy :cold_face:

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Thanks, my son and I both subscribe to the school of thought “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today” so thought what the hell, its only going to get hotter, lets get it done and I can tidy up. Yes the heat was a shock to me too after living in a cooler, damper region all those years. Might have to invest in some sort of above ground pool for next year if we are allowed to fill one but keeping the shutters down all day certainly helps the house to stay cool with no need for the clim to be running for long.

I quite liked Moscow in the winter, the snow covered up all the shit🤣


Yes, our border co.lie had them in her ears.
Drove her mad.

A race against the storm to get the bales in.
Thunder rolling round.

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They’ve been doing that furiously here today. Yesterday I saw lots of bails where they were dropped. Early this morning they were all stacked together. This evening they were gone. A very busy 24 hours.
Edit: And the storms are rolling over us now.