The wolf could be back in Brittany

(Elisabeth Morgan) #1

(Mary Wolcott) #2

That’s a good thing, no? Wolves are part of the chain in an eco-system. It’s important to realize and not be afraid. They get mythologized into monsters. Sometimes I wish humans weren’t so good at storytelling. We’d be less afraid of spiders, mice, snakes. Shame to be at war with things just trying to live. It’s not all about us, is it? Cheers.

(Helen Wright) #3

I maybe have a wolf at the bottom of my garden…! Either that or I have a hedgehog living under a discarded piece of corrugated iron…x :slight_smile:

(Mary Wolcott) #4

Look at those ears; what concentration. I miss raising border collies. What beauties you have. Cheers.

(Helen Wright) #5

Lol…never a dull moment and they give me a hundred reasons to laugh out loud every day…do you think you will maybe have another Border Collie when you settle here…???

My youngest is 7…so hopefully many years before I have to think about it…but I could never imagine my life without a BC so try to keep in touch with friends who are Border Collie breeders in uk…I’m sure there are BC breeders in Brittany and there are breed specific BC rescues in France…just that when the worse imaginable happens I can see myself driving back to UK for a Border Collie puppy…x :slight_smile:

(Mary Wolcott) #6

I would love to have another BC. I need to make sure I can provide the best life for him/her. It’s going to be hard not to adopt, while in sheep country in France, if there are in fact BC rescues. Maybe I could at least foster one. It will be hard not to consider helping another BC, as I had before, who was rescued from a puppy mill. She was 7 years old, and so smart; we were both dejected when I had to give her back after getting her back to health. :sunny:

(Helen Wright) #7

I feel pretty certain I’ve come across a breed specific Border Collie Rescue here in France…I’ll see if I can find it for you…I don’t think I could foster and then give them back…that must have been really difficult…once committed I’d feel duty bound to be committed for their lifetime come what may…

I think what bothers me is indiscriminate breeding from non health tested parents…although in France dog breeders do seem to have to have a siret number…???

I’d just rather be certain that I was buying a puppy from health tested parents and from a breeder who see themselves as guardians and custodians of their breed and currently the only way I know for certain of ensuring that is by driving back to UK…

(Helen Wright) #8

Border Collie Rescue France…:heart:️ (I think…???)

(Mary Wolcott) #9

Already found one I am in love with, on that site. I’m so easy :wink: His name is Hatos.

But of course, it’s fun to look. I don’t mean to suggest I’d adopt until I’m able to provide the right home.

Thanks so much! Heart-wrenching but really good to see and monitor; and donate to. I can monetarily support such efforts, at least, for now. Cheers.

(Helen Wright) #10

I can see why Mary…he’s gorgeous…!

(Not that they’re not all gorgeous…) It’s good to dream…to bring a potential possibility into being through attention to it…thinking about it…shaping it crafting it honing it…sharpening a focus…

I didn’t realise until I gave you the link that you can choose the language on borderline…x :slight_smile: