The world is upside down!

Hi all,

I have recently had to reinstall a new hard drive on my computer. I am busy uploading my files from their online storage site and restoring all my settings. However I have a rather annoying problem....

I have noticed upon connection to Skype that I am upside down on the Video!! I have tried requesting a driver update and am reliably told by my system that my pilots are all up to date...

Could anyone advise as to how I can once more return to an upright position on my webcam, as it annoys my mother, which in turn annoys get my drift...

Many thanks :)

You don't need to be technical. Its the French script: you use a French win? De-install the driver, then download CCleaner first. Install CCleaner. You need to read about the settings. Make sure you clean the registry so no errors are left and install the driver again.

If you only need the computer for private use and you are otherwise not dependent on windows compatible file creation, then especially all Asus are running better on Linux (Ubuntu 12.10) (twice faster).

All, but really all, is working straight away: LAN, camera, most printers, even this sometimes convenient V90 modem when you travel and don't have DSL. Except for this V90 Modem you don't need to install any other drivers. Once you run Ubuntu, you just run the update (ca 350MB) imediately and then you install skype, it works imediately, - with camera! I use Ubuntu on Asus computer since 2008 none broke down, never a virus. The real fun is then to watch UK TV without IP hassle..., but that's the next step.

Unfortunately I am now getting an error message when I try and install the pilote...I think I am not technical enough for this one :(

Wow that's excellent. Thanks Theo :)

Hi Damaris

This is a link for the F7l, if you have another model, you'll find it in the drop down menu. If you are experienced and have this type of Asus consider to install Ubuntu 12.10 or 12.04 LTS. It is taking one hour plus updates another hour and ALL is working, also skype! The computer is then almost twice as fast...

Well the Skype link didn't help as it is for an earlier version. However having searched on forum, it would appear that I do need to uninstall and reinstall my webcam drivers.

I have contacted ASUS support to see if they will send me the link to the correct driver as I really don't want to do anything silly now that I've just got my computer back!!

Thznks for your help :)

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the link - I will have a look and let you know. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled SKype but nothing changed....

Hi Damaris,

How frustrating , it would be Ok if your mum was in Australia I suppose :)

Seems to be a problem on Asus laptops but otherwise I found this link

Not sure if the above helps, but have you thought about uninstalling skype and reinstalling ?