These 12 excruciating Mumsnet fart stories are a gas!

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I was getting worried about James reading Mumsnet until I saw the link was from The Poke

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This is so funny. I read mumsnet all the the time.
I was once teaching a colleague to use some blood testing equipment in a gp surgery.
I’d had a funny tummy and farted. It was rank and I opened the window and apologised then ran to the toilet. He was quite a mouthy guy and I never found out if he told our other colleagues but I suspect he had.

I’ve heard from a variety of sources that Jimmy Hill (footballer, football manager and TV pundit) decided to join the local hunt.
He made all the arrangements (it’s not reported if he had to buy the gear, horse, etc. nor whether he took lessons).
At his first sortie, he was approached by the hunt master’s wife and, during their conversation, his horse farted long and loud.
Mortified, Mr. Hill apologised to which the lady replied, “That’s alright, Mr. Hill, I’d assumed it was the horse”.