They answered their critics!

Well what a match! France answered its critics brilliantly and personally I think they deserved the win. They suffocated the all blacks throughout and played the game of their lives.

Bravo les bleus, on est fier de vous !

What are your thoughts?

Time will tell Jane. But England and Wales will be out for revenge...!

Sorry, I missed the match, but I am glad the French won.

What price they can do it again for the six nations?

Nice to know we think alike and Ruth perhpas what you say about "becoming a little French..." could alos put us into another expat group and others into a different "they've still got the union jack on their flag, the queen as head of state and they speak english... for god's sake you have to spport NZ" group ;-)

Liz - agree with you too - the ref seemed to be a little quick at jumping to the defence of the all blacks but rather "blind" to some of their "tactics"

Tim - yes "average and on the point of choking" I like that, and at times left looking for answers!

Très, très fiere. BRAVO, LES BLEUS and what a super, super game! Much to my shame, I got a kick out of seeing the flabbergasted and worried look on the all blacks' faces :))))

Isn't it interesting (and nice) how French we become on a day like today?

thought they were robbed of a penalty and the team did us all proud.

I'm with you - I thought the blues deserved the win, and were by far the better team 2nd half. One lapse of concentration led to the first try, but other than that the all blacks looked average and on the point of choking...again. Cracking game though, and although not the result I was hoping for at least the French will have gained a lot of respect from that performance...