They say things come along in 3's

They do indeed but I'm basing it on official results, have a look at this:

I can't even fit one of those anti-calcaire things as there isn't enough space next to my washing machine :(

@Nola - i'd stay indoors for a month - make sure you don't have another!

Andrew they say that everywhere! My MIL says it in the Loiret and my neighbours say it here in Charente Maritime.

hard water - yes the hérault has the hardest water in France :-O

I have had two car accidents in 2 weeks! The car came back yesterday, completely fixed. Am now driving everywhere at a steady 45kph, white knuckles on the wheel and my eyes wide, wide open.....

I have a Bosch dishwasher and it's brilliant. Knocks spots off the old Miele.