They think it's all over, it is now!

So here we are, Friday 13th and a government with a solid majority in for 5 years.
It is not what I wanted but in this life you dont always get what you want.
In a strange way I feel settled now to know the future as it will affect me, In reality very little I feel. I have lived here long enough to stay and as far as i understand all those already here will, when past the 5 year milestone be ok.
No more shouting expletives at the tv, no more opinionating about all things Brexit.
Peace and goodwill to all from now on, I might even manage to listen to Boris as after all he sounded like a changed man today outside number 10. A one nation conservative party to unite leavers and remainers Yeah :grin:
Let’s all hold hands and do the okie cokie and then a verse or two of ole lang zine.
Is it me?


Yes it’s you…we now have years of negotiations, blustering and more lies. And it’s going to be horrid!


But why get heated about it? The country has had its say and we can do nothing but watch from afar. Telling yourself it’s going to be horrid only brings on stress. For me, I have taken a chill pill and it is already taking affect.
The result cannot be changed and we have to face what is coming ,good or bad.


I think you’re right not to get over-heated, John, but I’m not going to accept that we do nothing but watch from afar.

That reads like rabbit-in-the-headlights syndrome: freeze and get terminally squished! :rabbit::eight_pointed_black_star:

But this is not the time to rush blindly into the fray. We have to develop a new technology of opposition to the tyrrany of resource-depleting over-consumption, with its implications for environmental disaster.

I believe that information technology, including social media networking, will erode national boundaries and dissolve ideas of ethnic ‘difference’ and ‘competitiveness’ over time. To the common good, bringing people together in the common cause. We are currently on the nursery slopes of this new adventure in human history.

So chill, but don’t chill out. Stay alert, curious, and engaged: we need you to play an active part in all our futures, not just a spectator.


Even Guy says it’s all over - now for the new close fair partnership :+1:


Well, you can watch from afar - I have to watch it uncomfortably up close.

However I do agree with John up to a point, there is clearly no hope left that Brexit can be avoided so one might as well stop worrying about trying to reverse it and chill while trying to figure out how to limit the damage on a personal front.


There’s 28 countries in the EU, all with different ethnic background, different history’s and different view points, all working for their own good but not as a Union, The EU will look a lot different in 10 years time, for good or bad who knows but we should live our lives and enjoy as life is short, stop worrying about things.


The morning after…

I’m sure many people now have a sense of powerlessness, but my feeling, is that if that’s what they want (ie. English voters) , then let them get on with it (as long as sterling holds up!).

However, there’s also the consoling thought that even though Johnson has a massive parliamentary majority, when it comes to negotiating with the EU, he’s virtually powerless and the UK’s unlikely to become Singapore in the North Sea .

OTH I now feel more distant from the UK - as with other countries in which I’ve lived, it’s no longer ‘my’ country, my values, or my concern, I’d already become fed up with The Guardian’s too many hastily penned and repetitive opinions and so in addition to my Le Monde subscription, had taken out one for NY Times - reading its articles makes me much calmer and I feel like a global citizen again after the parochial arguments of Brexit.

I don’t watch UK TV, have drifted away from R4 (though will stay loyal to R3) so instead can get on with enjoying life in France - down here in the Aveyron, it’s months since I even saw a gilet jaune …


I am sure things will progress quickly - I have heard today that there were more votes for remain supporting parties than leave supporting parties. So perhaps not the overwhelming result it will be claimed to have been - but a bit late now.

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I was with you up to the point you mentioned “Boris”…then it all came flooding back ; & I felt I wanted to punch him & that horrible, nasty, smug piece of shit, Priti Patel.
Anyway, all that aside, I’ll link hands with you & hokie kokie, but please no-one bring an acoustic guitar & insist we sing “Kum ba yah”… as I won’t be held responsible for the carnage that follows


Which way did labour support? One day it was remain and the next it was leave they never really made it clear right upto the end. So a bit of a confusing observation there.

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If only the LibDems & Labour could have bought themselves to not contest obvious winnable seats - they probably wish the same now.


They were fence sitters par extraordinaire.
Our ex MP, Labour, was a prime example.

Interesting and thoughtful podcast, if you can get past the voice of the interviewer (fortunately he doesn’t talk too much) and skip the ridiculous ad in the middle.
What fuelled Conservative big win?
Personally, I’m no fan of Boris or Brexit but am just deeply grateful we are no longer in stalemate. For me, the last 3 years has been like having vague symptoms of an illness and not knowing what’s wrong. I feel I now know the worst and I can get on purposefully with the rest of my life making the best of the circumstances in which I find myself.


Unfortunately I don’t feel particularly reassured.

First of all, Boris has left himself a trapdoor so that he could still walk with no deal. He may decide to renegotiate now. He said he wouldn’t, but then he’s told a lot of lies and that would just be another one.

Secondly, I have EU citizen friends - Spanish, French, Lithuanian - living in the UK and all now feeling very desperately worried about what their lives might look like under this government. Many EU citizens living in the UK are now considering emigration, some of them despite the fact that their partners are British and they have lived in Britain for nearly 30 years. So I have other people to worry about, not just myself.

And of course, when you know that EU countries are looking at treatment of their citizens in the UK and will act reciprocally, that’s rather worrying for us.

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I think people will just have to accept that the Tories are now in full control which may or may not turn out to be a disaster. Whilst I never wanted Brexit I came to the conclusion a long while ago it had to happen for the UK to move forward and I don’t share the despair of many on here.

The election result has now given both Labour and the LibDems the opportunity to re-focus/re-brand with the former at a crossroads regarding a direction of travel and it wouldn’t surprise me if it moved back towards the centre, if I was a LD supporter I’d be extremely worried about where they go from here as there are now no natural leaders left in Westminster within their tiny group, Ed Davey is a likely candidate but he’s already turned down the job before so who knows.

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Blistering post-election analysis and prediction from Chris Grey on the fall-out of BloJo’s ‘success’.

His accolade on BloJo in the first paragraph is a joy to behold, even for the most dispirited amongst you…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Be my guest, @Codfanglers :hugs::joy:

It might be a stretch to say that the popular vote was won by the Remain parties - I’m not sure Labour could ever properly be described as a “Remain” party.

The closest I think you could get - and it is a bit of a stretch even then - would be to say that there might be a majority in favour of a further referendum.

But I think I’m safe in predicting that won’t happen.