Thin cat problem

We have a 14 year old cat who has suddenly lost a lot of weight, formerly he was a good healthy weight. The vet says it’s to do with the mucous lining of the bowel not absorbing the nutrients properly. He has some pills to make him hungry and he is eating small amounts. We’ve bought him the finest cat food that money can buy to tempt him. Has anybody else got any bright ideas, he’s such a lovely cat, I can’t bear to see him so thin?

I am also very sorry, Wendy! At least you could accompany him on his last journey across the rainbow bridge.

So sorry to hear that Wendy, at least you did your very best for him
All our best wishes

Hi everyone,

I just thought I’d update you all. We did take your advice and we went to another vet who immediately did a blood test which revealed that he had kidney failure aggravated by the pills the other stupid vet had given him. The vet gave him a transfusion and a special diet but after a brief recovery, he started to ail again. Eventually we had to get some morphine and put him out of pain, it was so sad but at least we were able to do it at home and sit with him. Thanks once again for your advice and support.

Hi again Wendy,
Trying not to be too dramatic but ALL medications have side effects and I just wonder, without knowing the exact problem, why a vet would want to prescribe a medication that has significant risks in itself.
Depending on how long the cat has been taking the drug too, I would get back to this vet or as I have said before, to another and insist that more indepth examination is done.
It can be harmful for you to just stop administering the drug so please check with your vet.

Thanks Regina xx

I would suggest you have a full geriatric blood test done to establish exactly the reason for his sudden weight loss! This is very important, since it can have so many different reasons.

Hi Julie,

No he doesn’t seem to be drinking more than usual. The tablets are Dermipred which is Prednisolone.

Many thanks,

Wendy xx

Thanks Lynn xx

It seems strange then to make such a diagnosis. I am not a vet but I would have expected at least a blood test to rule out other more serious viruses etc.
It is difficult to say any more, but I would certainly get a second opinion if you are really worried

He just felt him all over, no blood test or anything…

Just wondering what tests your vet did to come to this diagnosis Wendy?
Blood tests or swabs etc?