Things you can never quite work out in the house/garden

As in the title, do you have anything you can’t quite work out why they happen in the house or garden, mine is I have to clean out the bottom our well each year getting rid of the silt buildup, but I always have a thick mat of thin roots that I have to rip out first, the well is over 10m deep with concrete sides and there are no trees near it, just hypericum, so where the hell do the roots come from :face_with_peeking_eye::roll_eyes::yum:
Hopefully we can get some answers to things that puzzle us about our homes & gardens :grin:

Little devils tunnel along underground I think or come as spores maybe and take root on the damp sides.

Yes. Basically, that’s everything. :roll_eyes:


My partner’s Mum ( a very keen gardener) was driving next to a newly-excavatd road cutting a few years back and was interested to see bindweed roots a good 5 metres below the surface …

Or life for that matter.