Thinking about the unthinkable!

I'd like anybody's ideas or views on how you will/have prepared a will? Probably one or both of us are likely to croak it in France. We've got property and money in both the UK and France and our kids and grandkids are all in the UK. what does any of you think is the best, easiest and fair way of going about it? All ideas invited. I've heard that things are likely to change in 2015 anyway?

We are in the same situation & rightly or wrongly we have our house here in joint names & under Tontine so when one of us dies the other keeps the house but has to pay a bit of tax. A lot of our money here is held in assurance vies which should protect it. One of our French friends recently died & his wife had a devils job to get money out of the bank as the A/C was in M et Mme, not M ou Mme. Our English assets are covered by our English wills & are in joint names so hopefully nothing there can be grabbed by the French government. I believe it's Nov. 2015 when the law allowing people to opt for the inheritance regime of their country of birth takes effect so we are going to talk to our Notaire here about it & not die before then:-) As you can see we are not 100% sure we are protected but are slowly feeling our way across this minefield. I'm not sure why my wife is insisting I go across first though!