Thinking of La Rentree

I'm beginning to panic each time someone asks me if they will see us again before we go back to France. The question is now at the end of every encounter...making me think oh crikey the holidays are almost over. Back in June, two months seemed a really long time, I didn't know how I would get through it sane...but it has whizzed by.

I had a program of events for the whole 2 months, people to see, museums, children's theatres and free events to visit, farms and play centres as well as seeing lots and lots of friends and family.

We've had the odd kids illness scuppering plans, mum had an emergency op necessitating a few changes and stressful moments too but on the whole we've had an amazing Summer. It's not over yet, I'm back up to Lancashire next week to see Mum, then we are going to Centerparcs over the bank holiday weekend for our 'proper' family holiday before returning back to France the following Saturday.

I've already bought the school bags (this has been my eldest's main concern throughout the whole Summer) and I am pleased that the girls still waffle away in French occasionally to each other reassuring me that they haven't forgotten their first school year at Maternelle.

But my mind lurches forward to the fact that only a day before La Rentree we have the minor task of reclaiming our gite from the holiday makers and moving all our furniture and belongings back in with 3 very over excited kids. Now that I am NOT looking forward to!

As for progress on the house, how's that been going? Err well probably not at all, I suspect. Neighbours have reported little activity if I am expecting it to be just how I left it - a big pile of bricks and stones - albeit with the return of the triffids in the garden...(the weeds have been very productive in Languedoc this Summer apparently).

So I am going to try not to wince as everyone keeps asking me 'will we see you again before you go back to France?'...the question takes me away from my holiday mindset and brings me thumping back down to the reality of all the work I have ahead of me.

I'm looking forward to Toussaints holidays already.