This could be a good idea!

A united Europe and 3rd nations, what a good idea!
BBC: UK considers joining new European nations club.

I’ll be (pleasantly) surprised if we join in.

That said I can only see two difficulties with the idea, as far as the current government is concerned:

  1. it has the word “European” in the title.

  2. it is being proposed by the French.


Nothing to add - you’ve said it all.

Great idea, but unfortunately, perhaps not one conducive to a lengthy thread…

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To be fair it worked the first time and was proposed by the French and the Germans and if Truss is modelling herself on Maggie you never know

Just need grease mogg to have a fatal heart attack!

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I think the word ‘political’ might be a stumbling block, perhaps the title of the link might be better, The European Club of Nations. Also is it open to any nation that has territory on the continent of Europe, as Turkey is mentioned? And, therefore, Russia? :thinking:

Thin end…. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’m sure the ERG and Farage would be delighted.

why is the bbc headline calling it a “club”… all i’ve found is the idea of folk getting together for a chat… which doesn’t seem quite the same thing…

Some ‘clubs’ involve billions, not just, or indeed any, ‘chat’. Chelsea, Man U… :thinking: :wink:

in all my years at work… I never heard anyone describe a proposed Meeting as a Club

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I suppose simply because that is their ultimate aim, an association of some sort? But I agree, a misnomer. But I can’t see the point other than a way to include more countries, like Ukraine, rather than wait for years before membership of the EU is completed. If ever in the cases of Turkey and UK.

i think it makes sense for countries to talk… but some plonker calls it a club and that idea could well put folk off… so how daft is that… does someone want this meeting/talk to fail before it’s even started???

OxDict says,

an association dedicated to a particular interest or activity.


OxDict talks of a CLUB… fair enough

but one Meeting does not a Club make… :wink: :roll_eyes:
otherwise, I belong to lots of clubs…