'This is Brexit' - family gets 30 days to leave France

(Mandy Davies) #1

(Teresa Shipley) #2

The sad thing is that they applied for residency before Brexit is settled. Effectively they could have had another year to build up their income.


(stella wood) #3

I’m confuddled… did they apply for Carte de Sejour our Carte de Resident…??


(Mandy Davies) #4

Not clear is it?? Will ask The Connexion on Facebook.


(Ann Coe) #5

I am a member of RIFT (remain in France together) their website has up to date news of all that is happening during this time.

Copied this from their FB page …
Why are the French authorities getting a bashing?
OQTF’s have nothing to do with brexit, not just applied to UK citizens, it applies to all non French citizens who do not meet the criteria for legal residence in France, whether they are EU citizens or TCN’s.
In order to live in France (as with other EU countries) you have to fulfill the criteria in order to exercise your right to Freedom of Movement, whether or not you have to have a CdS to prove it.
See https://www.remaininfrance.org/retired-or-otherwise… for further info - especially the ‘Reality Check’ box further down the page.

Applying for a French CdS if you're not economically active

Applying for a French CdS if you’re not economically active

Applying for a French CdS if you’re not economically active

It also had addresses of legal organisations who can help, including the British Embassy in Paris !


(Timothy Cole) #6

This seems a bit suss to me and maybe we haven’t got the full picture. If they’ve been here two years with a couple of kids one of whom is in school they’d already be fully in the system as it were and should have an Avis d’Impots etc which should help with their residency application.


(Jane Jones) #7

Ermm, did they not think about this in advance? There’s easily available information around about the requirements, so it strikes me as totally daft to apply if you haven’t put together a solid dossier. For example a good business plan (in french) to show that while you might not quite make the income level now you will soon.

And if they moved 2 years ago, and are still to buy land, build a house set up a business and so on - then what have they been doing? Strikes me that we are not getting the whole story. They say “they haven’t taken a penny off the French government”, but who’s paying for their child’s schooling? I bet they are still driving on UK plates, so what precisely have they contributed to the country they seem so keen to live in?

Sorry, but I’m out of sympathy for british people who think requirments don’t apply to them.


(Ann Coe) #8

I did wonder whether they have been ‘under the radar’ so to speak. Maybe applying bought them to the attention of the authorities…
There do seem to be some geniune cases though where criteria hasn’t been met through mitigating circumstances and I would hope that help would be on hand for those people.

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(Véronique Langlands) #9

Maybe take it up with the government in London, nobody else can possibly be to blame. If they were legit they would be putting it in a French newspaper not some minor-interest anglosphere paper.


(Jane Jones) #10

They probably can’t speak french, so hard to get a french journalist interested? Or is that my cynical side showing too much?

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(Véronique Langlands) #11

Well possibly also a Fr journalist might just think it isn’t particularly newsworthy at best, and might encourage people to think mean thoughts at worst.


(Mandy Davies) #12

Serious lack of sympathy on Facebook from Connexion readers and lots of mean comments.


(stella wood) #13

It is quite possible that this family are sure they have done everything correctly… and thus will feel very hard done by…

Maybe there has been some major misunderstanding between them and the “officials”…

On the other hand… I know some folk who will probably get similarly treated… mmmm… not my fault… after all, you can lead a horse to water… but… :wink::upside_down_face:


(Helen Wright) #14

Whatever the circumstances I find it extremely difficult to watch a mother of two young children in tears…I can’t actually see what the family have done wrong…they’ve moved to France…set up a tech business which all takes time…

They still have their savings…

The lack of compassion towards fellow human beings never ceases to make me feel that the world just can’t carry on like this…


(stella wood) #15

Seems to be a conflict of info… Connexion talks about “residency cards” and the lady talks about “carte de séjour”… very different things… and it is not stated which CdS the lady has applied for… (room for error here too)

Whatever, the 30-day letter sounds like a standard format of “refusal”… sent out automatically when info given by an applicant does not “tick all the boxes” in some way…

If the applicant then provides further info etc… it is quite possible that the situation can be successfully resolved.

I hope this lady is rethinking her application and putting together a dossier which will support a reversal of the original decision… if she truly does meet the criteria…

(If I got a similar letter, I would be hotfooting it to my Mairie and asking for their help in sorting things out…)


(Timothy Cole) #16

Helen talked about a lack of compassion but in this case it seems as though the couple caused their own problems so where do you draw the line?

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(Jane Jones) #17

Yes they have savings, so they are not starving. They have a roof over their heads, they appear to be healthy so why do they need compassion?

A mother or father of two young children to me has a duty of care. And to move your children to a new country and fail to research and understand the requirements of that country for you to be a legal resident is just plain stupid. And then to complain afterwards doesn’t spark any sympathy in me at all. Particularly blaming french authorities when they have just done what is clearly set out out that is the law. It is unfortunate, but they have been here two years so they have had time to sort themselves out, or maybe even get a job if the business wasn’t working?

I would have compassion for a mother or father of two young kids who stole things because they were starving because their house burnt down. Not for people with all the means at their disposal who just failed to organise.


(Bob Sivell) #18

Just read a few comments on the FB Connexion

Many typically smug bastards that have spent more time here, & “know the score”

Sorry, but not everyone does the same in-depth research before moving…things have changed since 2004 according to one bloke…

It’s not right to dismiss them a idiotic…they may have got it wrong, but so what ?!

“There but for the grace of (insert religious deity of choice) go I”

Just my thoughts


(Anna Watson) #19

Freedom of movement criteria haven’t changed since 2004.
Clearly not everyone does the same research before moving, but everybody has access to the information if they could be ar5sed to do their research, so if a person doesn’t bother, who is to blame?


(Paul Flinders) #20

Haven’t really been following this but it sounds as though (others have observed this) they have been living on savings and “under the radar” one way or another and, having applied for CdS or whatever have had to prove income and have been unable to do so.

I do feel sorry for them and especially the kids but I’m not at all sure that it has much to do with Brexit except, perhaps, they would have continued to live as they were avoiding the spotlight - but no less illegally for that.