This is unusual

Three months ago I sold a large piece of furniture to some people from a nearby department . They paid in cash and said they would pick it up as soon as they could arrange van hire . In spite of reminders from me , it’s still sitting in my barn , taking up much needed space , and they have not replied to my latest messages . Does anyone know how to resolve this situation please ?

Using “Lettre recommandée avec avis de réception” … write, outlining the story to date and telling them that if they do not collect within (perhaps 7 days)… they will be liable for storage charges…and that if they do not collect before (a final time). the said furniture will be resold to cover storage costs etc and they can have the balance, if any, after your costs have been deducted.

Doing it this way sounds reasonable enough and should get you a response. Any letter sent by the above system lets you have proof that it has been received…

Keep copies of all correspondence and the Avis paperwork as well…also make a list of the messages that you have sent… in other words compile a dossier about this “unusual event”… just in case… :relaxed:

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Thanks , but all I have is a UK telephone number , and Messenger conversations . I now think they are using me as a cheap storage facility !

There are ways of finding them via a phone number…and Messenger… and if they are from a nearby Department… that is another lead.

Put their info here on the Forum and let’s see what we can do.

Hi Ian,

Do they actually answer the telephone (in UK) , or messenger requests ?

I presume they could be English ? and fitting out their French property ?

Stella’s suggestion seems valid , upright and proper… going to be difficult to maybe get things sorted over the next 2 weeks…,but at least they should be able to respond to some degree.

Obviously i expect you would rather get these people to remove and have it done with than try and resell. But which is worse.

Hi Glenn… I presumed that Ian had an address…

However, we can surely trace them if they have a property in France…so long as we have their full names and some idea of where that property is…

Facebook contact would be useful and also their phone number… this sort of challenge brings out the Inspector Clouseau/Miss Marple in many of us… :relaxed:

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