This is very, very important

This Israeli company is a rogue company. At last they are being challenged.


Remind the hard of thinking amongst us why a traitor who fled to Russia is now considered a credible source?

The Guardian and others are in the middle of blowing the lid on how this shyster company is facilitating surveillance. They have many articles on the matter on their website. I chose this one because Snowden succinctly explains the scale of the risk. Speaking as a techie of forty-five years experience I can tell you Guy, this is big shit. Can you imagine how much more effective Hitler, Stalin or Franco would have been with this cheap and flexible surveillance. How much would Bojo like to know Starmer’s strategy and internal calls?

I differ with your view that Snowden is a traitor. He’s whistleblower and we need more courageous people like him. Look at how Assange is being persecuted, pour décourager les autres.

I love the good things about the US and spent most of my career working for US MNCs. But I still think we have a gilded, Hollywood and TV propaganda driven, view of the US. I call it the Donna Reed Show view.

On a Global scale, to the best of my knowledge, since 1945 the US has caused more shit than any other country - they are World leaders in shit. Forget South America, forget Asia let’s just look at the shit they caused in Iraq.

IMHO opinion the current three top rogue states in the World are the US, Israel and Saudi. The rest, like North Korea, are only bit players. The ascendant rogue state, China, which has been nurtured and fed by US corporate greed, will dwarf them all.


I wish I could give you two hearts for that one John Scully.

Bet you couldn’t have put that out there when you were working, hey? :slight_smile:


Lo and behold, what can one say (again)?

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Too right John - and it’s not just the US (or Guy) that seek to conflate investigative journalism and whistle-blowing in the public interest with spying: the UK is about to try to remove this distinction in UK law…


It’s a scary situation we find ourselves in these days, knowing everything we put out on Internet, phones, calls, emails etc can possibly be read, hacked, used against you or someone else, seemingly at will despite encryption, by “state” backed organisations.
However, if I was younger, still “working” I might be more concerned, but its never going to go away, best we can hope for is some form of control if there was international cooperation, but that’s never ever going to happen. So although I do give a shit, there’s absolutely bugger all I can do about it - is there?

John, you’re quite right about the US causing more international shit than any one else, but I’d bet China and Russia/USSR have caused a lot more mischief.

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The throw away paragraph at the end of the article says it all.

Following the launch of the Pegasus project, Shalev Hulio, the founder and chief executive of NSO, said he continued to dispute that the leaked data “has any relevance to NSO”, but added that he was “very concerned” about the reports and promised to investigate them all. “We understand that in some circumstances our customers might misuse the system,” he said.

Sounds like the excuse arms manufacturers make.

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…of which, apparently, the British Government is the 2nd biggest in the world


I am amazed that the Pegasus malware can infiltrate a phone in an unanswered call.

Be amazed, be very amazed.
Clever folk these Israelis.

For example the ever popular "guns don’t kill people, people kill people":roll_eyes:

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Looks like that was a hole in the WhatsApp code. I would guess NSO spend more time looking for holes than actually writing code. Their malware exists, it would’t need much tweaking, it’s getting in in that’s the issue.

This is going Global…

Absolutely John…long live the whistleblowers…and a surefire method of guaranteeing their safety…


One of the worst cases of vindictive whistleblower abuse continues Helen…

At this rate Mossad will be ”Pegasusing” me :rage: If I suddenly disappear you’ll know what happened :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.


I shall be checking you regularly for proof of life John…! :grinning::heart:

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I appreciate that Helen. You and my wife then :joy:

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It’s alright, it’s not their fault…