This is very, very important

Substantiate your claim that he was a “traitor”. Just calling him one is child’s play …

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Good question Tony. Were the folk (including the bomb plot crew) that opposed Hitler “traitors”? What happens when conscience and loyalty collide? From want I can see conscience gets whacked. That’s not good for our future.,

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The thing that (currently) worries me is why have (to the best of my knowledge) few of the media not actully involved in the Project picked this up? The BBC for example, D-notices?

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Traitor, me arse!

Just a different outlook as regards the political machinations going on in the US - and particularly under that skunk-of-a-PotUS Trump … !



trai·​tor | \ ˈtrā-tər \

Definition of traitor

1 : One who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty

2 : One who commits treason

Quoting a dictionary definition of any word is always going to miss the point of a complex ethical dilemma Guy.
Suppose you worked for the Nazi regime during the last war and had access to information on its ‘final solution’ - surely you would say that your duty to humanity takes precedence over your duty to the regime?

You will immediately say no doubt the the Nazi regime was not comparable with the NSA - but that’s also beside the point if you think it through, because once you say ‘it depends on how bad the regime is’ you have already conceded that whistle-blowing corrupt state or corporate practices is justifiable. This is precisely why the legal defense of revelations ’in the public interest’ exists in law, is the foundation of a free press, and is generally regarded as essential to free societies. That the current UK government is seeking to remove this foundation tells you almost everything you need to know about their politics.

To argue that Snowden is a traitor full stop, no debate, is therefore also to argue that it is not in the public interest to know - for example- that big American corporations have been illegally reading their customers’ private correspondence and passing on the information to the CIA, etc.
But in what sense can it not be in my or your interest to know that?

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No. that won’t wash I’m afraid. I’m sure you’ll agree that if the person or regime you “betray” is evil then surely “hero” rather than “traitor” is the appropriate word? What about those valiantly fighting the Chinese regime in Hong Kong, are they “traitors”? Or those trying to fight the bastard Lukashenko, or the military coup in Burma, or, or, or…


A chance to hear from the man himself…