This man is an idiot

Just flown in from sunning himself on beach in Crete while Kabul fell…

in contrast to a minister with on ounce of decency…


Just this one?

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I think you’d be pretty hard pressed to amass even an ounce of decency in Johnson’s cabinet.


Any job we would apply for, we would be asked for relevant qualifications and experience. The only qualification they possess is the “right” school.

That pillock is the one who didn’t know Dover was an important port! :roll_eyes:


The British political system has sunk so low, that we do not appear to have a single politician of any persuasion, worth even a quarter of their salary. What is even worse, is that as bad as Bonkers Boris and his Con’minions have become, there is no viable alternative. What dire straits to be in. (With apologies to Mark Knopfeler.)


This is what happens when you allow a professional political class to form from the output of Oxbridge PPE factories. Labour seem to favour lawyers which would explain why Phoney Tony and Alkie Campbell aren’t banged up for getting the U.K. involved in Iraq under false pretences.


What a complete and utter mess yet again and it’s only ordinary people who suffer :slightly_frowning_face:

Is there any truth to this statement…???

“So the west wants to go green with electric cars and to do that you need lithium for the batteries…

Afghanistan has by far the world’s largest lithium deposits and Biden has just handed them over to China…”

It’s worse than that John… the call never took place apparently…

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He should go.

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I generally feel that idiots are somewhat benign simple people, so could not disagree more that Raab is an idiot.

He has displayed extreme aggressive indifference: ‘callous’ is almost too weak a term.

The Right Horrible Priti Patel and their fat oaf of a leader IMHO are equally bad.

Where? Suggestions?

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Hell is too good for him :face_with_raised_eyebrow::angry: