This Portuguese woman interrupted Sky News to make her Brexit plea, watch it


Scandalous treatment, let’s hope we shall form a strong protective shield round people like this to keep the Border :passport_control: Force thugs at bay.

Any ideas, folks? :thinking:

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it needs a rebel uprising @Peter_Goble
The people need to take back control!


You man the barricades, @graham, and I’ll see you’re never short of a cup of tea and a biscuit during your short breaks.

As long as you don’t build the barricade so high you can’t reach down to the safe side to pull up the tea tray :coffee::joy:

I am dreading having to put Flo through this shameful and degrading process.

Everytime I give it any thought, I am reminded of the process enacted in WWII whereby all ‘aliens’ had to register - and any anomalies, they were detained without trial awaiting a judgment.

I thought we had moved on from such barbaric treatment…


not with a Home Secretary who wants a return to the death penalty :thinking:


Pritti Shameful!


Ha! not your usual form @Jane_Williamson to make a pun from a post…

Nothing is usual at the moment Graham.

She is an actressalthough she is Portugese

What the F**** is that supposed to mean ?