This site will evaluate your French language skills in preparation for citizenship

Evaluate your French language skills in preparation for citizenship


Well I failed before I even started as couldn’t work out how to play the questions!

Same here :thinking:

There’s a box that invites you to take a simulated test, you just have to click on Start the Test. You are given a spoken question (slow and distinct) and four spoken responses, of which you choose the one that seems appropriate, and enter your choice on a grid.

A bit fiddly on an android phone, best on a tablet or laptop I reckon. Suitable, I think, for people at an intermediate level who have a fair grasp of simple spoken french as listener and speaker.

Yes, I tried clicking on the button to start the test several times. It changes to a screen with question 1 & a picture but no way to get it to play the sound…

Works fine at my end - no probs at all - great idea!

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@james input please!

The site is possibly not optimised for use on mobile devices or certain browsers. Some websites are crap like that!

Much, much too long… I ran out of patience after question 5 !

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I used this site before my tcf exam last year. Can recommend it to familiarise you with the formate and style of question. If you just play start it takes you through all the question available which come from several years better to pick up the questions year by year.

Also strongly recommend people practise the oral part of the exam. You are asked to discuss and argue a given subject this is after a preliminary bit of chatter Examples can be found on YouTube. I didn’t practise this at all and I know I penalised myself as I was extremely nervous. Find someone and practise the formate get a few phrases comfortably in your head.

On the plus side the level of french required for a pass is fairly low so you don’t have to be intimidated.

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Took OHs laptop off him, and it worked on that.

Quite interesting, especially that they use lots of different accents which is good. But so sloooow…you could fall asleep waiting for the question. However it made my day as got a C2 rating…which I’m not really but somehow questions avoided my weak areas!