This virtual community the end of a very tough six months i would like to thank everybody who has sent me a message, written a comment or just thought about us, you have kept me going! I am in a bizzar situation having just moved to a new community so not knowing many people and coping with sick man, sick sister and sick dog plus very elderly mother has been............a challenge! You have really helped, just by a comment here and there, to keep me going. For me this is the real strength of a community such as this, so thank you and especially James thank you for setting it all up;


Thank you helen!That is exactly what I mean. We have a rough winter, my OH had to have a very serious throat op due to cancer on his vocal chords, then got sister has terminal cancer and we had the two diagnoses the same day, and the dog had viral hepatitis which has left her very sick, she has just had another crisis but seems to be on the mend, but is almost blind, she is only 3, then there is my mum who is 91 and wont see what is happening............................and then OH's son waked out of the business on christmas eve and left him to it which when you can barely speak and have a paralysed shoulder is a bit rough! So it goes onone thig after another! BUT the sun is out OH is much better and dog is starting to look perky. the rest......."god grant me the grace to accept the things I cannot change?"

Hi there - I have only just come across you, and read your note of thanks.

Whatever your problems, I hope you are able to resolve them soon.


Its awful when the body starts wearing out, I spent most of my life in active employment and had looked forward to retirement for years, now I am fully retired with Dodgy knees and Diabetes and a touch or two of Arthritis it is helpful to share with others how to make best use of what is left, the mind is still active and one can learn to adapt to the other things, so onward and upward and long live the grey majority.

Know what you mean Annie. I have been fit and healthy more or less the whole of my life. Suddenly, broken shoulder, apnoea, arteries buggered and no doubt more pleasant surprises to come. Like you, I want to thank this gang, including you, given there were times when will to live was low.

You see what I mean? there you all are again!!! how cool is that!

bon courage Annie

Hope things improve for you Annie, and you have encapsulated the spirit of SFN. Don't forget to pay a little attention to yourself. xx

I am pleased that you feel that the support of SFNers has been helpful.
We have all had our challenges and have supported each other, even though we do not always see eye to eye on all subjects.
I do hope that you are all making progress and that you can begin to enjoy your new life here in France.

Courage ! Annie ;-)

That’s what we’re here for. Glad we are helping you.