This weekend and beyond

What is going on around you ???

Here in La Manche it’s all about getting on to the local beaches or into the waves around the Cotentin peninsula, lots of it rugged but with lots of sand, surfing, sailing and generally getting wet, windswept, and a salty tan.

Inland it’s invasion of the Camping Caristes from all over the Interior, especially elderly French retirees getting nostalgic about the Débarquement and the Contre Attaque.

Favoured amenities are an abundance of well-stocked commerces, coiffeuses for the ladies and handy receptacles for the disgorgement of copious poubelles. Less than 5 minutes walk from the campervan Parking.

It’s my experience of Normandy folk that they are more stay-at-home types than novelty-seekers. Few I’ve spoken to have been to Britain, and those that have tended to favour Scotland or resorts on the English South Coast. Greece and Spain seem popular too, but not North Africa. A rather conservative outlook on travel, but maybe 1066 got it out of their system! :grinning:




What is on in your neck of the woods… ???

Normandie etc

and, there’s always PARIS !!!

Pays Basque…

…its an interesting idea…maybe worth looking into. Since my new lightweight battery proved to get me to a bus stop so reliably, and quite fast…Rennes is just a bus ride away.
Its a fine, elegant city…I could waste a day in the covered market…just looking at local cheeses and bio yogurts…


This sounds fun. :relaxed:

Aubusson is a fascinating place - spent a few days with friends - had a great time.

You coming to get some ink this weekend Stella? :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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