This years wins and losses

This year we came up short with our first and second spuds, peas were not good, top fruit not good due to the frosts, cherries did really well, tomatoes fair but not great, peppers, aubergines were ok. Cucumbers are taking over us, onions and garlic were fantastic this year. Sweetcorn’s mediocre, chick peas fail, water melons and sugar melons great. Squash no good. Strawberries were and still are good, raspberries and now blackberries great, blueberries and gooseberry did really well. The list goes on but for us it’s been a strange season. We are chemical free and use compost and horse muck and have a good watering system.
How’s it been

Jury’s still out on the apples, but looks like a good year for walnuts. Loganberries were also good this year, but very short-lived as the heat dried up the fruit-bearing stems. Loads of wild strawberries from May to end June, wild blackberries now plentiful if a bit on the small side, wild cherries also very small this year and very tart, but the raccoons didn’t seem to mind :rofl:

we’ve tiny strawberries which flower and fruit 12 months of the year… amazing to see the little red gems in the twinkling frost… they seem to spread everywhere…

No cherries, apricots, persimmons, nashi, blueberries, olives or hazelnuts.
2 pears
Loads of redcurrants, whitecurrants, blackcurrants, raspberries, blackberries, apples, plums, greengages, peaches, nectarines, figs, pomegranates, medlars, quince and walnuts.
The mints are unhappy, the basils and shiso very happy.

Edited because I forgot some: no lemons, no tangerines, no kumquats this year, BUT great joy they aren’t actually dead as I feared, and the kumquat is flowering so there is hope.

Hi Vero,
What type of Peaches and Nectarines have you got, we bought ours from the U.K. and they don’t like it one bit, lesson learned.

I thought we had wild strawberries but it turns out it was my partner planting spare runners all over the place

No idea, I can’t remember, I always buy my fruit trees locally though, working on the principle that a) they are acclimatised to local conditions and b) should they die or not thrive or whatever I can go and ask the people who sold me them. My fig trees and one cherry were here when I bought my house but I have planted everything else over the past 20 odd years.
Peaches and nectarines are a bit weird in how well they do and the beasties love them so often I get 0.
I don’t put any poisons on them.
The squirrels plant extra walnuts all over the place :slightly_smiling_face: