Those vintage iron rod -type fastenings for shutters.........Do they still make them?


Just had some work done, remodelling an old door into a window. I'm not installing double glazed units, but keeping the old windows and renovating them.

The old shutters (with lovely pierced and cut metalwork fastenings) had to be cut down as well and the problem that I have now is that the metal rod that runs through this has been cut too short by the workman I employed - and in any case is missing the curved hook at the end which is supposed to curl around a thick 'pin' protruding from the window sill.

Would it be possible to do you think to add a piece to the length .....or do they still make the components for these fastenings, so that I could replace this metal rod ?

In other words is this going to have to be a bespoke solution from a smithy (any recommendations anyone ?)....or can one buy an off the peg replacement (somewhere in the Dordogne ?).

Thanks everyone, for all the imput.....

I'll get it fixed, one way or another...

thank-you Brian

Ok I stand corrected the NEW ones don't have to be welded but have screw on "arches"

sorree …

( but I still maintain that if you go to a reclaimers anything not exactly the lenghth will have to be cut and welded., contact them with your measurements and if necessary a photograph of the old one. Our menuisier who will make a new window for us in a few weeks has told us they will supply them.

The problem is how are you going to fix a new/old one to the old volet ?

... if you look at yours, you will see it is threaded through 2 or 4 rings,

the 2nd hook is then welded onto the bar ...

so even if you buy it complete from reclaimers ... it 'll still have to be cut and welded !!


Thanks Suze,

I thought that might be the case.....I have come across a place via l'internet, which stocks reclamation stuff and has a remodelling workshop on site, so I'll try them first, but will also compare prices with what the ferroneries would charge. ...I do hope it is possible to make a good repair...The old shutter fastenings are one of the best things about my place.....where there is so much to 'unbodge' done previously to a bad standard (very ugly surface electrics, lumpy. bumpy paintwork and naf, badly fixed tiles etc.) I'm in it for the long-haul and it will be a gradual labour of love.....

Before you travel all over France ...

the hooks are welded to the bars to size. The chances of finding one the same size are very very small

If you just need an extention any "metallurgiste" will probably give you a piece for free ( especially if you

ask them to weld it SOLIDLY too !

Thanks Chris,

I'll take a look.

I've just been 'Googling' and have discovered this useful online directory to Reclamation yards in France...

Fantastic ! ....there are 4 in the Dordogne......

Yes the reclamation yard is truly massive. All kinds of stuff there. Give them a call. K.

Mind you, they are new: in black steel.

Yes, Hilary. I've just had delivery of some I bought online from

Thanks Kwashie,

Just Google mapped's possible.....170kms and two and a half hours away though....

There are one or two architectural broccantes locally, so I'll try those first.

I see that the reclamation yard does just about I will definitely be paying them a visit as I would like to get a couple of internal doors and handles etc....a really useful link so thanks again.

Anyone know of anywhere nearer ?

If you can make it to confolens there is a reclamation yard in ansac sur vienne. They have 1000s of shutters and will sell you the fixings. Call first though.