Thought for the Day (Boris joke)

If Boris Johnson decided to hide his wife away in No. 10 Downing Street, would he need a “Concealed Carrie” permit? :grinning:

Also, if Boris failed to provide for his new son, would that be Wilf-ul neglect?

Do not forget “Boris” is the jovial bloke-in-the-pub persona that Johnson likes to project.

Allowing Johnson to be seen as a joke distracts from the fact that he is an unpleasant piece of work (as Eddie Mair put it).


This is all very well but where is the better alternative?

This post is in the comedy section. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes we all know what Boris’s true character is.

Well Johnson is a joke so I suppose that’s appropriate :slight_smile:

An excellent question. I don’t have an excellent answer I’m afraid,


He’s just gone off for a break in a swanky villa in Marbella.
Doesn’t care about the disasters back at home.

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