Thought this marque of car died a million years ago

At a shopping centre car park in Belgium bearing a Luxembourg registration, opposite us was a new SUV the badge of which I didn’t recognise. Went to have a look, lo and behold BORGWARD. I have no idea which price range it is aimed at. Haven’t had the chance yet to look online. Just imagining what size 2 stroke engine powers it!

Chinese made cars by Foton group, but based in Germany.
It is very Audi Q5/Q7 looking, saw one last month and it looked really nice quality inside.


It looks like the black hole of Calcutta.
Another reason to hang on to my old Mercedes. Lovely soft grey seats and trim , extremely comfortable.

It does come in other colours :wink:

Seems Foton bought the Saab 9-3Platforms from General motors and use that as a base. From all the reports I’ve read it is a very mediocre car and not in the bargain basement. They thought the name was worth the nostalgia without reading the history of Borgward.

The Chinese brands have no credibility outside of China, so they create these Western sounding brands to entice. Car reliability and parts/service back up is what reputations are built on over decades, that is why people have favourites based upon theirs or other’s experience.
Who is going to chance a North star, Xpeng, MG, Borgward, Lynk & Co or any of the other myriad of completely unknown Chinese brands backed by a totalitarian regime aggressively aiming at world dominance both economically and geopolitically?

Carl I would agree with you but Volvo are owned by the Chinese but have been left to get on with it. The Chinese ownership is why they have been able to electrify so rapidly.

Saw an ‘MG’ SUV recently, didn’t notice if it was UK or French registered, probably the former since I don’t think they’re doing lhd, yet. Looked ok from the outside, unlike the Borgward.

One of my customers has just bought one here in France from a dealer in Bergerac.

Thanks, that’s interesting, perhaps it was lhd then.

I saw the MG in the UK and was shown over it by the owner. A very nice car but importantly at Dacia prices.

Certainly was,

That’s not at a Dacia price!

The MG ranges start from £12,500.

MGs seem to be popular with pensioners in the UK.

Nothing wrong with boring: I used to have a Toyota Avensis :slight_smile:

Quite, but I’m talking about France.
I do like their: ‘A 95 year reputation built on sporty and distinctive cars’. That’s pushing it a bit, to put it politely. However, that’s not implying any criticism of modern MG cars, since I have absolutely no experience of them.

Perhaps I should add here, I own both a Dacia and a 1977 MGB.

MG is not really MG anymore, it is owned by one of the Chinese Motor Groups now.
I think there will be Chinese vehicles all over Western Europe in about 15 years time.
Even Renault is manufacturing in China, and I think others are too.

Chinese… MG… isn’t that monosodium glutomate… or am I on another planet…

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I’ll have a number 25 with fried rice and a DSG gearbox.

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Sorry Mr Scully sir, DSG gearbox is off today due to shortage of deliveries

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