Threats to big cats in Africa

Please all of you who care about wild life please go to the website and sign the petition to stop Middle Eastern Potentates buying up Masai land for shooting!

We need asmany signatures on this petition as possible,so pass this on to your friends as well.

Thank you.

Jane, whilst on this. You posted on blogs. Pity, discussions would get you more people joining in (I think/believe). I am quite certain that because many blogs are very long, some people won't look but discussions under forum are more frequently read. I would like to see many more people responding and following your lead but here we are, three of us! On the question of cats or Maasai, OK to a point, but you make a good point that attracts animal lovers but not animal 'haters' of whom (trusting in humanity) lots must care about other people. So, it is a bit of both and I hope we can stop being alone on the post - perhaps repost your original under discussions and let's be optimistic!


It seemed to me that there would be a better response to animals than to humans, that is why I said that the threat was to the cats. Sad but true.

link to petition

Jane, Ron and others, please read:

Your stomachs will churn!

Right Jane. I am an Avaaz 'member', so done it. I also encourage everybody else to do it and look at their other petitions, most of which are NOT time wasting.

Ron, I agree 1000% with that. Maasai Mara is a reserve for animals and these wonderful people and I mean that really, really. Both issues are abberations - extinction and extermination in one package. Must be stopped, or shall we sell off the whole world to these excessively rich hypocrites.

Big game hunting, is an issue, but the atrocity is the abuse and displacement of indigenous peoples who's semi-nomadic lifestyle is guardian to an already fragile eco-structure.