Three month cat sitter needed - urgent!

Hi everyone - Am desperately trying to keep my young cat out of quarantine. If you can help or know someone that might be able to, please get in touch.

I need someone to look after him for three months from the end of September 2011.

Perhaps someone wants to check out Brittany (near St Brieuc) for property, or fancies the quiet life for a bit… They can use the house, there’s broadband, a big woodpile and a wood burner, fully furnished converted barn.

Please ring for more details ASAP if you can help 02 96 42 85 96

Thank you!

Thank you!

Hi Georgina,
I have no personal knowledge of this BUT there are charities who’s remit is to 'garde chat à domicile’
If you do a quick internet search for this phrase and have a look, you will certinaly find someone,
I very quickly came up with
best wishes