Thriller and all his zombies

Sunday was the day when Piccadilly saw the zombies of motherhood come out to play for the first time in ages - well for me it was 4 years. The last of our friends is getting married in Spain in May so a 'ladies day' was arranged in London, lunch, followed by Michael Jackson's Thriller Live in the West End.

In preparation for this outing I had taken final measures to relinquish my duties as a nursing mum to Maisy and whilst accepting she will never drink from a bottle, I did feel that 4 days of being 'detached at bedtime' meant I could happily go out for the day without the husband hauling back on my shackles for the bedtime routine.

The day went well, lots of food, wine and laughter, tales of lack of sleep, feeding, toilet training and then looking back to the pre-nappy days. Great fun. Only slightly tainted by a miserable so and so in the theatre who didn't like us laughing at the 80's outfits and commenting on the dancers...judging by the fact he was the only one in the theatre using the hired goggles to get a closer look - I think he was obviously rather too interested! It was slightly embarrassing for his wife & kids and having a row with a bunch of ladies on a 'ladies day - read 'slightly more mature hen do' was probably not his best move.

After lunchtime drinking, one song, a ballad had me almost falling asleep - and as my friend Jo commented - well you don't get much do you! Erm, no - in fact last night I was once again awoken with a fright at 1am by a 4 year old with freezing hands and feet creeping into my side of the least it wasn't one of Michael's zombies.

Anyway, at the interval, Mr Grump further stirred up the ladies and led to the loudest of the bunch being positioned directly behind him...yes Mr Grump, if you hack off the ladies you will be the worse for it. Not surprisingly his son slid down and hid in his seat and eventually fell asleep, poor lad.

After lots of fun, we made our way back into our respective tunnels to trek back to our different corners of the country and our duties.

Now I am in the 7th day of giving up feeding my last bambino and today I am feeling the change in moods, hormones and to be quite honest I think I probably look and am acting like one of Michael's Zombies. My kids are scared stiff, I could do with a playpen to put me in today. I can almost feel the hormones raging around me and I could kill - we have blood tomato soup for dinner - no doubt after Maisy has finished - it will actually look like the Thriller video round here.

I do hope this passes quickly, I don't know if there is anything I can take to help move things along but thank goodness the kid have nursery tomorrow and Thursday. First stop on Friday will be my local pharmacie - homeopathy must have something to help me.

In the meantime - if you are booked onto the Easyjet Gatwick to Montpellier flight on Friday - steer well clear of row 25 - I will be the woman with the 3 adorable looking girls, but who is ready to kill!

You have been warned - approach with caution!