Thrive in France

Anyone heard of this website?

I must say, having taken a look, it doesn't seem to be thriving. Lots of blocks in Latin, not much content, not much to say really. I don't quite see the point. I hope it gets better, maybe it's just the start.

Definitely the bon bons!

Showcasing people in France who are doing well.

But that is not his style.

Not sure what he wants to project?

There are enough mags etc who are highlighting the darker shades of making a move

to France. Why is it so attractive? Is it to prove something?

Or did someone steal the bon bons....

Are we being very 'umble? Yes, I second the C and J bit, unlike other 'chats' this stays very civilised but takes in lively debate and discussion. Good on them. As for the question... Went looking and did not find, so how can many people have heard of something inaccessible? Tracy, it went up to +2 today and so we stripped off into... no, not really. Wrapped up and got the bob for our hillside and had fun with the kids. Work? Kinda got forgotten with school closed. At least it is not Haute-Savoie where they had -24 last night and the expected high(?) for today was about -15! Life could be worse, we could have been flooded by geriatric lemmings fleeing the Arctic Circle who found a portal in hyperspace... Perhaps not. Take it easy.

Just had a chat with James on facebook - he hasn't gone off in a huff as I suggested earlier but gone off to do his own thing and will "showcase people who are doing well in France, though it wont paint a rosey picture and avoid any negative stuff" to quote his words. Good luck James, I'll stick with the more forum/chit chat format at sfn and look forward to any remarks you have to make too ;-)

surely this is a little lighthearted flutter?

sounds grim, chin up... on second thoughts chin down in a big scarf might be better ;-)

It's b---dy freezing, although only about -8 deg so not too bad really, no sign of any snow much to the kids disappointment. Unfortunately I am 'at work' in the caveau today and for the next 11 days in a row and we are having work done so it is absolutely baltic inside as well. The heaters are set to 18deg but haven't reached temperature yet :-( I hate this part of my job and am counting down the days to leaving.

no not really - I just said i couldn't see the point really apart from having a site where everything's seen through rose tinted spectacles and no-one can moan (in an informative way explaining how it is to those who don't know!) about the bureaucracy/admin, charges sociales...!

Must be pretty cold up there where you are Tracy, we had -12° yesterday morning and this morning but no real snow (further west).

Ohh - did I miss anything interesting? /what was the reply?

No problem James, probably best not to point the finger! I wish him luck in his venture if he's reading this. I can't see any "conflict of interest" in the two sites but rest assured I'll be staying here with this great group of people (have to say that after the nomination!) no they really are great as is your site - it's brought a cheery anglophone chatty aspect into my life that's been missing for some years - yes I admit that even the most "integrated" amongst us still hanker for a little anglophone chit chat and humour from time to time!

Keep up the excellent work C & J and I secretely think Catharine should have won it too ;-D

Oops, I just deleted the comments by mistake! I was just trying to remove mention of his name as I don't want any complaints. Sorry about that!