Throwing-the-baby test, Normandy

A man in the local bar explained a test of Norman provenance which seemed to involve throwing a baby on a roof, to see whether it would stick in place, or slide off. Presumably a thatched roof, I didn’t have the vocabulary to enquire, and had consumed 50 cl of Leffe.

He said if it stayed accroché it was Normand, if it slid off, not. He kept a straight face throughout.

Any further light in this novel approach to patrimoine would be welcome. Or any other entertaining or unusual cultural practices in your locality ditto.

I’ve heard this joke with Portuguese (from my best friend who was born in Portugal) : you throw the baby on a wall, if he sticks to the wall, he will be a mason, if he falls on the ground, he will be a tile fixer !

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LOL :joy: more in similar vein, please!