Thyroid treatment scandal

For anyone who has Thyroid troubles… this makes interesting reading…seems help may be on its way

Thank you for posting this, I will definitely be asking for the old formula Levothyrox next time I renew my prescription. I’ve been experiencing some new symptoms that may relate to the new formula so reverting to the old one should confirm if this is the cause. Excellent news, thanks again.


you need to ensure that your Doctor is aware of the adverse reactions you have been experiencing…
good luck

Agnès Buzin was on Inter this morning being pretty useless about this very subject, ghastly woman.

Latest update… the old-style medication is selling fast…

Just out of interest, how much is the average month’s supply of thyroxine?

Interesting question… who knows ??..

Social will pay a percentage and the mutual pick up the rest… I would have thought… but it will be interesting to learn what is the price over the counter…

My daily dose is 125 micrograms which I get in 2 boxes. The 100 is 2€83 and the 25 is 1€71 for 30 tablets.

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Hi Mandy… and is that on prescription (sorry to be so ignorant)… and is it refunded ??

Yes it’s on prescription. I use my carte vitale in the pharmacy and never pay up front. It is partly paid by the government and part by the mutuelle.

Well, that seems very cheap… and if it keeps you on the straight and narrow… yippee…:wink:

I have previously looked for simply buying Thyroxine from an internet site and for 150mg it was about 10 Euro per month.

We would be new residents so I was looking to buy directly until all of the required processes were in place to buy over the counter.

Hi Matt… can’t you buy it over the counter in France ?? It sounds as if it might be a cheaper way to go… paying yourself until you are in the system…:relaxed:

You will of course need a doctor’s prescription. Can’t be bought in France without one.

aha…take heed @Mat_Davies :wink: