Tibetans in France – Please help!

My friend is a Tibetan refugee who has, through circumstances, has been allocated a room in Perpignan. She feels quite isolated and lost. She would love to be in Paris with the Tibetan community but has no choice in where she lives. She has to attend classes in order to secure her Carte de Sejour therefore cannot work at the moment and choose where she lives.

While here spirits remain upbeat, she is struggling. Her French is limited, although improving by state funded classes. She is trying her hardest to integrate into her new life and I know many will say she should assimilate. However this is easier said than done, hence the existence of this forum, so please take this in the manner it is meant - I am trying to help a friend, that is all. In an ideal world I would love to help her find other Tibetans in the area, failing that, any ideas how I might be able to help? Thank you in advance for your suggestions.


Julie, what a sweety, thank you very much. I will see if I can take her to some of the closest centres.

Thanks Jane. There is one but it seems to be unoccupied for the moment. I will retry the centre in a couple of weeks time.

I s there a Buddhist centre nearby. I am sure that she would fund a welcome and help there.