Tight Border Security in-place until the end of October.. please be patient

Hummmmmm…call me cynical if you like :slight_smile: , but…the borders down here in the deep South (i.e. with Spain - Puigcerda, Vielha, La Jonquera) have, and still, remain wide open with no ‘controls’ whatsoever. We tend to get customs patrols at the first motorway toll booths but, other than that, nothing that I’ve noticed so far. The news articles may be more of a ‘reassurance’ exercise given recent events?

Hi Simon… they are saying that the controls, already in place, are to be continued for another 6 months (and then reviewed)… so if you have no controls, nothing will be changing…:upside_down_face:

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Yep - just a bit ‘odd’ that some borders are tighter than others. Pretty straightforward for ‘anyone’ already in Spain to cross into France totally unseen.

Our daughter had to wait ages to get through controls at Lyon airport and she was coming from an EU. country Germany.
Anyway, there willl be almost permanent controls whilst everone is on strike.
I thought there was supposed to be equality in France, but as usual some are more equal than others.
The cheminots should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

ive never been stopped ever in 10 years