Time in France

Hello All,

My 89 year old mother came on her annual visit to us in Limoux from the UK in the first week of March. Obviously within days we were in Lockdown. Because of her age and the fact she has a breathing problem we did not feel it was right for her to return to the UK as conditions here were much better and to travel 1000 kms didn’t seem like a good idea.

She has now just passed through the 90 day time limit of a visit but we can find nothing as to whether she can stay longer because time rulings have been extended due to coronavirus, as many have been.

We still do not think she should travel back yet, we are keeping her so no drain upon the State. but not sure of our next step. Any ideas?

Dave… sorry to hear about your Mum… but glad she is in good hands… with you.

I would not have thought this is any problem with you keeping her under your watchful eye… it makes good sense in my book.

If you have any serious worries… is it possible to talk quietly at your Mairie ???

Others will chime in with ideas and probably know more than I do…

meanwhile… don’t worry… or at least, try not to. :hugs:


Dave, I wouldn’t worry about it at all as we know several UK residents who never went home and most of them are still here.


No doubt someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that the 90 day limit comes into effect until the transition period finishes at the end of this year. I assume that your Mum is a UK citizen.

The 90/180 day rule has always been in place but it has been too easy for Britons to ignore it because despite them always having control over their borders they have never recorded all people leaving or entering. The huge problem with 90 days is medical cover as an EHIC is limited to that time. Many insurances have a 90 day limit too as they cover holidays not residence.

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Thanks all. We are just making sure she doesn’t get chucked in jail or something stupid. Because she would still be on the shielding list in the UK we don’t want her going beck quite yet.

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