Time limit on chasing bad debts (business)

Hi all

I'm busy researching the chasing of bad debts (business) in France - I know how to go about it, but was wondering whether there's a time limit - once the invoice is x months / years old, is the debtor deemed to have got away with it? Does sending chasing letters cancel this out if so, and do emails count, or is it good old stone-age snail mail only that would do the trick?



Since 2008, most commercial debts are estopped from action for claim after 5 years.

More details here

Agree with Véro - as far as I'm aware there is no limit, I'm (well my avocat) chasing for monies owed and we're going back a good few years and the process takes years too! The hussier didn't get anywhere as I was way down the list after people like Trésor Public et al. :-(

I think once a procédure de recouvrement has been initiated there isn't a time limit, just a patience & expense and can I really be bothered limit... a huissier could probably tell you more. Otherwise this might have a few answers since the delai de préscription isn't the same for everything: http://www.dgccrf.bercy.gouv.fr/...