Time limitations on CDV?


Can someone explain if there is a time limitation on the Compromis de Vente please ? The reason being is that we am currently in the midst of an insurance claim to attend to some work on the house but it is in early stages as yet mainly due to time lost during lockdown. We would prefer to complete this work before any inspections and reports were compiled for the intended sale of the house. Thankfully, the buyers are not in a hurry. We understand that the normal period is 3 months between CDV and Acte but is an extention easy to arrange. How would you proceed in the circumstances?

In regard to our purchase of another property, I understand deposits aren’t compulsory, and while no deposit has been mentioned as yet, it may be requested. Would it be readily refundable if one of the get out clauses wasn’t met?

Other than the Diagnostic Report, what other reports are compulsory?


I thought the diagnostics reports had to be annexed to the cdv. So it cant be signed until they are done. So the delay would before signing the cdv not after.
A deposit is of course refundable if judged to be covered by a clause suspensive but the notaire cannot rule on that. The notaire can only refund if the seller voluntarily signs to say he agrees. If the seller wants to contest it, it will go to court for a judge to decide. Which will take time.

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Might I suggest you keep in touch with the Notaire… provided the Notaire is aware of what is going on… and the possible reasons for delay (ie Insurance Claim)… surely all will be well.

I truly think your Notaire is the one to give you best advice…


Thank you, Geoffrey, Of course i realised that i knew that the minute i read your reply! It’s a hot afternoon!

Thank you, Stella

We have selected our Notaire but i’m yet to meet with him but the vendor is fully aware of our constraints and not concerned.

Fair enough Di…
I have obviously completely misunderstood your post… I was talking about Selling…

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Are you the buyer or seller? Confusing.

Sorry not be explicit. The first para refers to us selling, the second to us buying.