Time to Build an Ark

Never mind the renovation project, I'm switching all my efforts onto building an ark...

Following on from the devastation last week in Herault, yesterday once again the sky fell upon us and has had everyone looking in shock and horror at the images appearing of villages and towns including our herault capital of Montpellier being well and truly flooded. In fact it was an absolute record that on the 29 september 253mm of rain fell in less than 3 hours - that’s 4 months worth of rain!

In Vias more than 350 people were evacuated at 1am from campsites. Montagnac and St Pargoire which are close to us were severely affected.

Personally I set off yesterday morning under a little drizzle to go to Beziers, by the time I had reached our next village Roujan, the heavens had opened and I could barely see the road or in front of me. The car was making waves higher than the roofline and I wisely did a U turn and returned home slowly.

Yesterday was an important day for us as we poured our new concrete floor of our current garage, future living room. I had images all night of the concrete being washed away. Last night the storm blew, thrashed and cracked above us, it rained and it poured...somewhere the old man was snoring but certainly not in my house...no I was listening to the sound of the storm wondering just how high the water level was getting in the storm drain which passes at the end of our garden.

An old man in the village once told me the tale of water being up to the bridge…now that would surely have flushed us out of our beds…but hopefully due to the storm and flood measures having been introduced in recent decades I keep my fingers and toes crossed that it never reaches that level again.

We don't live on the edge of a river...but many in our area do. Here are some pictures of the floods

Au rond-point de l’aéroport de Montpellier.LYDIE BOURDON - Midi Libre

Lattes (Hérault) sous les eaux lundi soir.LAURENT BERTAZZO - Midi Libre

Rien ne va plus à Saint-Pargoire (Hérault).LAURENT DARDENNES Midi Libre

This is where we go for our kine appointments...glad we don't have one tomorrow!

Montagnac (Hérault) sous les eaux ce lundi 29 septembre.NICOLAS PRADEILLES Midi-Libre

I know I made the right decision to turn around...many of the roads round here looked like this:

Les effets des intempéries à Vailhauquès (Hérault). Midi Libre LAURENT

I am pleased to say that despite all my concerns...our handprints were still there in our garage and will be for many a year to come...

When the elements decide to shock and scare us they certainly succeed. So glad your cement remained as it should have been.
We had the same but worse a few years ago in June in the Var, with many deaths, human and animal. Draguignan’s duel carriage way became a torrent, taking everything near it down. It reminds us that nature, usually so benign, can, in a few short hours, alter everything around us.

Am I glad we live in Burgundy?
What a day to choose to pour concrete, or to do anything really.
Glad everything turned out alright for you though.

Brilliant pics. The french tv channels gave good coverage as usual tho' your pics really hammers the message home. I mean, that is serious rainfall !

Yes Suzanne I know what you mean....it was realy scary.

I took my sister to the airport just before the worst fell and she was stranded there for 10 hours. It took me an hour and a half to get back to my house in Montpellier. I was so lucky not to get my car washed away.

Quite frightening driving in those conditions.