Time to pop down to San Trop and Nice for a "walk"?

Monaco would be worth a visit too… :thinking:


Few more of those big yachts parked up on the Côte d’Azur than usual, currently? :slight_smile:

Bit of scuttling might be in order :thinking:

I think a stiff fine is called for - 1 Euro and a pat on the back.


Or if they’re really naughty, Boris will arrange for them to receive a slap with a wet dishcloth.

It will, of course, be enacted in legislation that will come before Parliament in 2025.

I wonder ofBoris has ever had a little break on an oligarch’s yacht :thinking: Seems his sort of thing.

Not a yacht, but an oligarch. Who has to be fair has today said ‘stop’ in his paper … just not in time?

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re-reading the article, everything falls into place -

the scruffy man “shuffling along” in front of [the passenger] was Johnson, who was clutching a thick book about war strategy.

Yes, that’s what was in the deep recesses of my memory.