Tips on how to advertise a new B&B

Relatively new to SFN but not to France having lived and worked in France for many years we have made a North > South move and things are very different!! We ran a successful B&B and gites inthe Pas de Calais which we sold last year and we are now are opening a B&B in the Luberon part of Provence and maybe someone out there will have some tips on advertising, networking etc..

Thisquestion is probabaly pretty frequent...

If anyone can help I'd be grateful.

Have a look at Lay my

Hi Thea. We are in Aude (11), Languedoc. The Luberon is beautiful. Enjoy!

Thanks Sheila for the info, I thought there might be a forum for gite owners or something. We didn't reall need much help or information up North as had our network and lots of Dutch, British and Belgian guests who'd come on short breaks all year, but we are new to this part of France that has a very short letting season and a more international range of tourists. Where are you?

Hi Thea, and welcome to SFN. Why not try posting your query in If you have a website or are setting one up, pop over to Good luck with the project!