Titre/carte de Séjour

It seems there’s a bit of a rush on as Brexit looms and Brits in France put in applications for Cartes de Séjour. According to a local news source only 15,000 Brits resident in France hold one, 10% of those who might need one fairly soon, if only to avoid hiccups at the border.

I’m in process of applying, which prompts one question. The État du Demandeur section requires women to state their Nom, and to state (Nom) Épouse {pour les femmes mariées). My assumption is that, in the case of my wife’s application, Nom will be her ‘maiden’ name, and the line that requires a response to Épouse will be her married name, that being my surname Goble. Can someone reliably confirm this to be the case?

If anyone else has had dealings with this application form, how does one respond to questions about children, when they are all majeur(e). The form wants to know if they are scolarisés, and where that occurred and to what classe. What response will satisfy the bureaucracy, or - as none of them are likely to want to join our ancien ménage, can we get away with ne pas en vigueur ?

Any suggestions on this will be appreciated, we are toddling off to St Lo on Thursday to open our dossiers. Wish us luck!

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We have decided to do the same. We were going to go for citizenship, but with the pressure being applied for a green card system, we are going for the easier option first.

Are the French authorities allowing the applications?

I thoutght that, hitherto, the argument had run that - as citizens of an EU member state (for the moment, at least) cartes de séjour were not needed by UK nationals and, therefore, applications were not being considered.

Has this changed?

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There was always the right to a Carte de Sejour, but because UK citizens were also EU citizens several French authorities took it upon themselves to decide that this was no longer necessary.

The British Embassy is interested in which authorities are causing problems. Iwill look up the letter from ECREU and post.

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The CDS will give me no rights that I do not already have so I will wait until after Brexit to jump through any hoops needed. As Andrew has pointed out the only CDS that I could apply for at the moment is specifically for EU citizens. I understand that other people sleep more easily knowing that they have a CdS but they are not essential. Posts on other forums insisting that they are must have items have caused unnecessary anxiety for many people who do not yet have 5 years residency. It’s a personal choice, if you want to jump through a few more hoops now in the hope that you will have to jump through fewer after Brexit, fine, I’m waiting to see what the future actually brings.


I believe the French government has indicated they will simply exchange an EU CdS for a non EU one if the situation arises. But I’m confused by the comment by the OK about forms to fill in-I was under the impression that there were no forms. You put together your dossier and get an appointment at your prefecture to present it. Where did you get a form from??

You download it from the web…

Yes I have that page bookmarked but can’t find a form anywhere on the details for EU/Swiss citizens that needs to be filled in.

It’s on the link I offered… go to European… then it offers all sorts …

This is for permanency…

@anon64436995 can you tell us the cerfa number on the form you are talking about, please.


Yes-as I said I have that page BUT there is no form to fill in. The card a number would be handy. There is no link on that site for a form to fill in.

That’s why I have asked Peter to give us his reference number. Several Prefectures have their own Site and offer their own Form to complete…

Perhaps you could look up the Prefecture you would be using…

This was posted on another thread by Debra Archer (who I can’t find here now) a few months ago. If you have been in France for 10 years then you won’t be asked to leave. Worth checking to see if this applies to you.


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Apparently not. I was advised by both the Mairie here, and the local agency of the Préfecture of La Manche, that it was in our interests to get the Titre de Séjour. And that the process was being streamlined because many resident Brits were concerned about their status post-Brexit.

So far at least, everyone we have encountered in the process has been supportive and willing to help.

The form we have been given is uncomplicated and the supporting evidence is current identity document (passport), evidence of residence not more than three months old (telephone, electricity bill etc) attestation of CPAM immatriculation: and evidence of an income sufficient to support oneself. Our applications are as EU citizens inactifs (retraités). Dossiers to be delivered in person to the Préfecture in St Lo.


The form was issued by the Bureau des Migrations et de l’intégration Préfecture de La Manche, and was copyrighted avril 2018.

Guidance notes available at https://www.service-publique.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F16003

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There isn’t one, but I have been assured that this is a new form explicitly up-dated to simplify the application process and will be so handled by the Préfecture.

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Cheers for the link… this is what I have found under other guises…and then lost…:blush:


Peter-I must be doing something wrong. I’ve tried the link you gave-comes up not found. Typed it in-not found . I then tried just the Service publique bit and then the other bits in the link -only to get to the same pages as before-with no form to fill in.